KFY Lip Dub: We Are Family

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the lip dub we filmed at the Kelowna Family Y! Everyone had so much fun!

Michelle’s family volunteered to be featured in this video. We invite you to read her Y story:

“My mom and dad have been going to the YMCA now for about 5 years; they started coming before Andrew and I. My dad kept saying ‘You need to go to the gym, come to the YMCA! It’s close to home and it’s really nice there’. So about 3yrs ago Andrew and I signed up.

“I never came the first year; I paid my membership but never came because I was lazy and nervous. I had low self-esteem and was afraid people would judge my body. But then I really started not liking myself and decided to go back. I came back to the gym with a 40 pound goal and took Michelle’s Bosu Bootcamp class my first day back.

“Going to Michelle’s class I was welcomed every morning by all the ladies. They kept encouraging me to come even when Michelle’d whooped my bum! Every time I left a class I came out sweating and so proud of myself. Long story short I ended up exceeding my goal and lost 50 pounds due to all the fitness classes I took (eg. bosu bootcamp, trx, deepwater, step, bosy sculpt and kickboxing).

“Andrew came to the gym to get into shape and be healthy! While being at the gym, I was able to bring my children into childminding, and know they are safe and loved. To this day they all have now seen my kids grow up from little babies; they are now at the point of asking me if they can call them all auntie!

“Our family just loves coming to the YMCA, we are acknowledged the second we walk in whether by staff (which front desk members are seriously awesome!) or someone walking out the door. And most awesomeist (love my vocab?) they all knew our names after the 3rd time visiting!

“Since I had such a great experience while working out and I was able to exceed my goals with weight loss (which by the way I have always tried doing the gyms and dieting and NEVER have succeeded) I wanted to give back and help others who may be similar to how I was feeling, so I became a volunteer in the childminding centre at first then took the fitness course and now volunteer teaching Group fitness classes (deep water, body sculpt and now apprenticing step).

“While my family continues to use the gym, kids are in karate and swimming lessons! We all love the YMCA and consider everyone part of our little family!