Silver Lake Camp

Under an operating agreement with the Silver Lake Forest Education Society, the YMCA has managed and operated Silver Lake Camp since 2011. We have valued the opportunity to provide high quality camping experiences to over 10,000 children, youth and adults over the past five years.

Late in 2014, the YMCA of Okanagan Board of Directors and Leadership Team undertook a review of current and long term organizational strategic priorities. One of the resulting decisions was to discontinue our management of Silver Lake Camp, and we subsequently tendered our termination notice to the Society, to become effective December 31, 2015.

Throughout 2015, the Silver Lake Forest Education Society has worked hard to find a new operator, and while these efforts continue, it does not seem likely at this time that Silver Lake Camp will be in operation through the 2016 season. We wanted to advise you of this situation so that you may make efforts to secure space at other camps as your needs may require. In the event another operator is named, we will update our website to reflect that organization’s contact information.

On behalf of everyone at the YMCA, thank you for your support of Silver Lake Camp and for trusting us to provide a safe, educational and fun camp for your campers.