21-Day Y-Fitness Challenge

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Forget 2020 and make 2021 your year!

Kick off 2021 with our FREE 21-day challenge to create unstoppable exercise habits and qualify for fabulous prizes! Just get active for 20 minutes a day, for 21 days straight.

Anyone can join, member or not, and you can exercise anywhere—at the gym, outside, or at home. We have 3 incredible prizes to motivate you to join and stick with the challenge. The goal is to achieve 2,021 hours of physical activity collectively. Let’s work together to build active habits and create a healthy ripple of motivation throughout our community!

Quick links: Registration Form | Daily Activity Log | Printable Calendar (PDF) | Exercise Plans

Keep it up! So far, we've been active for 848hours.
(Last updated: 1/18/2021, 10:53 a.m.)

Prizes include:

  • Paddleboard from Kalavida Surf Shop
  • Fit Bit Versa 3 and a 3-month YMCA or H2O membership
  • $750 Fresh Air gift card for active outdoor equipment

Start the Challenge

1. Register for the 21-Day YFitness Challenge

  • Fill out and submit the registration form.
  • Join whenever you wish beginning January 11 to the end of February; there’s no set date to get started.
  • Once registered, you will receive a code to access free online classes and a virtual YFitness plan you can follow if you choose.

2. Get moving!

  • Get active however or wherever you can for at least 20 minutes every single day for 21 days straight!
  • Workouts need not be intense, stretching and walking on a rest day still counts.

3. Log your time daily online

  • Fill out the online daily activity log.
  • This will help with accountability, your ability to win a prize, and will help us reach our collective exercise goal of 2,021 hours.

4. Share to social media (optional)

  • Post a photo of your health journey to Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us to increase your chances of winning!

Prize Information

1. Paddleboard from Kalavida

$1,000 value

Complete the challenge—Those who complete the challenge and log their 21st day of activity on our website will be entered to win the Fanatic Ray Air Pure Inflatable Paddleboard with SUP Bag, repair kit, pump, coiled leash and Kalavida T-shirt.

2. Fitbit and Membership

$500 value

Log your time daily—For every online submission of your daily activity log, you will be entered to win at Fitbit Versa 3 and a 3-month membership to the Kelowna Downtown Y, Kelowna Family Y, or H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre.

3. Fresh Air Gift Card

$750 value

Post your fitness journey on social media and tag us (@ymcaokanagan on Instagram or @YMCA of Okanagan on Facebook). Every post will count as an entry to win a $750 gift card to Fresh Air towards active outdoor equipment.

If you log your daily activity time, post to social media every day for 21 days, and complete the challenge, your chances of winning go up significantly. Please note that the winners will be drawn March 22, 2021. Only Okanagan residents are eligible to win, and no one person can win two prizes.

Healthy Resources

Everyone works towards their goals differently, so we created a few resources to help you along your journey.

Printable 21-Day Challenge Calendar

Download the printable challenge calendar (PDF) to help you track and view your progress.

IMPORTANT: You will still need to submit your hours online daily to qualify for prize #2.

Virtual YMCA Exercise Plans

Once you sign up, we will email you the password to access our virtual exercise plans from home. There will be 3 fitness levels to choose from:

  • Beginner: for those new to exercise
  • Experienced: full body workouts for those with exercise experience
  • Gentle Fit: Low impact program for people with reduced mobility

Follow along with the virtual exercise plan exactly or substitute for a similar activity type for the day.

Free Trials

We encourage non-members to try us out and get active in our centres, if they are able to, with a 7-day free trial.

Now, time to get moving and start the year working towards your best self.

Please note that by participating in the "21-Day YFitness Challenge" contest, you accept and agree to the contest rules (PDF).