Click to read the 2018 Annual Impact Report

It is our pleasure to present the 2018 Impact Report. This year’s report shares the personal and moving stories from five individuals who have found “their Y” — belonging, encouragement, gratitude, healing, and sharing — through participation in Y programs and membership.

As always, we send our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Our work is only made possible through a collaboration of engaged members, caring donors, passionate staff and volunteers, and like-minded partners who have helped us to create positive change for over 43,000 individuals in 2018.

Here’s a snippet of what we accomplished together in 2018. 

  • 1 in 10 British Columbians – and 1 in 5 children – continue to live in poverty. At the Y, no one in need is ever turned away. 5,471 low-income individuals, children and families received a subsidized Y membership.
  • Living in poverty is linked to health-related issues in children and low academic achievement. Over the past 4 years, 125 children improved their literacy skills by at least one grade level at YMCA Beyond the Bell – a donor funded afterschool program that helps struggling children keep pace with their grade level and classmates. 
  • 89% of Canadian children and youth are not getting the recommended minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every day and obesity rates are on the rise. Every child registered in YMCA Child Care programs received a daily healthy snack and a YMCA membership.  
  • Teenage parents have more difficulty completing high school and a higher likelihood of living in poverty. 39 at-risk parents received the resources and financial support needed to care for their children and complete their education through the YMCA Young Parents and Nobody’s Perfect Parenting programs. 
  • Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1 to 14. 2,800 grade 3 & 4 children from SD23 gained confidence and vital water safety skills at no cost through the YMCA Okanagan Swims Program. 

Annual Donors $500 and Above

Across the Lake Swim Society

Brock Aynsley

Harry Bensler

Duncan, Missy and Tim Blackburn

Dave Bond

Boyd Autobody & Glass

Dean Braham

Robert Bryce

Margo and David Buckley

Callow and Associates Management Consultants Inc.

Ross and Ann Carviel

Randy Christian

Diana Christie

Coast Capital Community Foundation

Community Foundation of the South Okanagan/Similkameen

Dave Cronquist and Barb MacPherson

Gino Dal Ponte

Deb Canada Inc.

Delcourt Advisory Group at Scotia Wealth Management

Demay Family Foundation

John and Joanna Duff

Robin Durrant

Susan Ellard

Enterprise RV

Alessandro Errico

Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP

First West Foundation

Frank J. Flaman Foundation

Fresh Air

Grace Furman

Clayton Gall

Laurie Gauthier

Gibson Contracting

Graf Family

Graham Management Services LP

Hamber Foundation

Chuck and Denise Henderson

Wayne Henrikson

Melissa Ihaksi

Interior Savings

Invasion Championship Wrestling

Barry Johnson

Kathryn Johnson and Jeff Lawson

Rodney Joshua

Jugo Juice – H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre

Kairos Foundation

Richard Kasper

Kelowna AquaJets

Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon

Kelowna Rutland Lions Club

KF Aerospace

Knights of Columbus – St. Charles Garnier Council


Norma LaChance

Brea Lake

Pamela and Kevin Leco

Ledcor Industries Inc.

Gordon and Colleen Lees

Ryan Lund

Peter and Arline Marriott

Pieter Matthijsse

Melcor Developments Ltd.

Joni Metherell

Emma and Alex Miller

Missionwood Retirement Resort

Derek Moran

Reg Moran

Morningside Rotary Club of Kelowna

Kevin and Kaiyo Muir

Jack and Ethel Newton

O’Connor Electric

Allison O'Donnell

Fred Parker


Paul Lee Family Foundation

Steven and Chantel Pavelich

Sharon and Gary Peterson

Anne Postlewaite

Precor USA

Frank Proto

Doug and Lorna Pumphrey

Pushor Mitchell Lawyers LLP

RBC Financial Group


Judith Renyk

Mike Rizzo

RTO-ERO District 42

Running Room Canada Inc.

Martin Rutherford

Rutland Pet Hospital

Safrane Construction

Alan and Lisa Sanderson

Mary Sedgewick

Shawn Talbot Photography Ltd.

Jill Siebert

Barb Simpson

Lily Simpson

Joan Spence

Ron and Karen Stewardson

Ginny Strachen

Alistair Taylor

Marilyn Taylor

Ron Taylor


Tennis Canada

Brent Therrien

Thomas Alan Budd Foundation

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign

Tom Harris Fund for Families

UBCO Exercise is Medicine

Urban Systems Foundation

Sharon Varette and Cam Kourany

Rhonda Zakala

Andrew Zelke

Gerry and Sandra Zimmermann

Annual Donors $100 and Above

Durayale Alo

Bonnie Anderson

Donald Anderson

Harvey Andres

Eileen Andres

Argus Properties Ltd.

Nick Arkle

Louise Arkle

Theresa Arsenault

Vivian Assels

Rose Backman

Kendra Bagley

Heather Bakay

Nathan Baker

Debashree Banerjee

Jeff Barnett

Vicki Barton

Rhonda and Kirby Bashnick

Raymond Bast

Jim and Karen Bates

Barbara Bell

Katharina Bennett

Sylvia Bergen

Angela and Chris Block

Amanda Boden

Mary Boles

Jessana Born

Sue Boser

Doreen and Joe Boser

Jason Bouchard

Melissa Boyce

Jason Boyd

Lara Brescacin

Jeffie Bridge

Neil Brock

Ramsay Brunton

Margo and David Buckley

Koriena Budd

Jennifer Bulcock

Irene Byres

Sandra Cale

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

Caron Capozzi

Capri Insurance Services

Wayne Carey and Carol Suhan

Kieran Carlson

Bruce Carlson

Ross and Ann Carviel

Donna Cassavoy

Cathpair Holding Inc.

CCJA Holdings Ltd.

Judith Charbonneau-Kaplan

Peggy Clark

Claudette St. Thomas

Martin Clermont

Paul Cockshutt

Sheila Coe

Cheree Kay Combs

Comet Construction Ltd.

Northern Computer

Kathy Conway

Corporate Accord Realty

Hannah Coughlin

Barbara Coughlin

Wendy Cowley

Danna Craig

Debbie Da Silva

John Daniels

Don Davies

Karla Davies

George Davis

Meredith Davy

Angela and Paul de Burger

Grant and Wendy Delcourt

Deborah D'Ovidio

Normand Dufort

Sandra Duggan

Helen and Gordon Dunning

Daniel Durall

Shirley and Tom Durand

Allan Earl

Sarah East

Ronald Egert

Brandon Emslie

Kimberly Evanoff

Robert Ewanuk

Judy Ferguson

Bonnie Flint

Bridgeport Floors

Rocio Flores Valle

Mark Fomey

Sheila and Richard Forster

Julie Fowlow

Ashley Furgason

Rose Furjanic

Jennifer Gelz

Ross Gilley

Carly Gilmore

Donald Grant

Kristin Greenough

Cynthia Grochowich

Diana Groffen

John Guidolin

Leyla Guliyeva

Douglas and Barb Hahn

Vicky Hall

Bruce and Helen Handcock

Linda Hannah

Bob and Lynn Hansen

Jennifer and Terry Hanson

Wendi Harding

Gerald and Glynda Harper

Douglas Hastings

Steve Hebden

Denise Henderson

Ron Henderson

Wayne Henrikson

Trevor and Peggy Herd

Joey Hertz

Trisha Hodgins

Honce Dental Centre

Linda amd Larry Houghton

Penny Hove

JHPREC - Jeff Hudson

Sharon Hugues-Geekie

Anjali Inman

Kerry Irons

Steve Isaak

Natacha James

Beth Jean

Jeff Hudson Personal Real Estate Corporation

Valene Johnson

Georgette Johnson

Sherri Johnson

Melanie Jones

Dr.R.S. Joshua Inc.

Elke Kaminski

Rob Karchewski

Kettle River Brewing Company Ltd.

Peter Kim

Debbie Kinnear

Ana-Maria Kiss

Brenda Klassen

Lori Kohut

Shirley Kowalyk

T.A. Kramer M.D. Inc.

Lily, Lacey, & Cory Krist

Irene Laidlaw

Monica Lange

Arnold LaSota

Courtney Lavoie

Anya LeBeau

Shawna Lees

Michelle Liedl

Janice Locke

Adriane and Mike Long

Patrick Long

Stu and Mary MacDonald

Robyn MacNeill

Peter MacPherson

Rob Maddaugh

Kendra Magnone

Jan Malazdrewicz

Terry Malette

Ted Malfour

Erika Marie

Arlene Marini

Shannon Marshall

Erica Marshall

Nagi Matsuoka

Pieter Matthijsse

Grant McConechy

Ruth McConnell

Tom McCready

Brett McCumber

Marie McDowell

Tom McFarlane

Karen McIntosh

Sara McIntyre

Adrienne McLaughlin

Shayla McLean

Naugwattee McMinn Jamieson

Yvonne Mellum

Chad Menu

Axel Merckx

Michael Mervyn

Darren Mickler

Sergio Miff

Donna Mihalcheon

Kirsten Mihalcheon

Joan Miles

Emily Millard

Mike Miller

Tim Miller

Glenn Millius

Danielle Miranda

Janelle Moffat

Michelle Moffatt

Joan Moncion

Trevor Moore

Peter Morgan

Glenn Mosher

Donald Mulrain

John Nadin

Doug Nelmes

Catherine Newlands

Steve Nicholson

Lisa Nickle

David Niles

Rick and Monique North

Andrea Norton

Okanagan Masters Swim Club

Colton Orr

Kris Palatin

Danielle Parenteau

Fred Parker

Danna Pedersen

Roxanne Pederson

John Peitsch

Cheryl Penner

Rachel Pequeno

Brad Perrault

Ester Pike

Diana Pilla

Carmen and Frank Prehofer

Lexi Prowse

Candace Quillen

Ekaterina Quist

Sheryl Ramsay

Doug Rankmore

Susan Rayner

Jodi Reid

Corinne Rines

Cody Rivest

Kevin Russell

Monique Russo

Ashley Russo

Russo Auto Sales

Sandy Sanford

Tiana Sauer

Sinead Scanlon

Jennifer Scharff

Ted Schisler

Debra Schmidt

Harold Schneider

Emalie Schueler

Drew Schulz

Paul Schuster

James Scorgie

Gloria Scramstad

Kirstie Seifert

Joyce Sen

Lawrence Serres

Jacqie Shartier

Jacqie Shartier

Roger Shaw

Roy Sheldon

Jennifer Shinkewski

Judy Shoemaker

Aileen Sim

John Simes

Hans and Monique Skudelny

Neil Smith

Irina Smoluk

Morris Smysnuik

Richard and Sue Sowerby

Jonathan Spence

Conny Stamhuis

Tracy Steen

Melanie Steppuhn

Therese Stewart

Brad and Rhonda Talbot

Candice Tasker

Pat Taylor

Carol Taylor

Wendy Taylor

Elaine Taylor

Kelley Taylor

Cassandra Thomas

Stephen and Brenda Thomson

Jim and Bitten Tisdale

Danielle Tompkins

Ashley Tompkins

Jay Tremblay

Uniglobe Direct Travel

Urban Systems Kelowna

Michael Utley

JoAnne Volk

Keith Wagner

Rick Wagner

Mike Walker

Rylea Walker

Elaine Walker

Tom Warshawski

We Care Home Health Services

Ken Webster

Mitchell Westnedge

Westpoint Westpoint Mobile Home Park

Clyde Whalen

Stephen Whiting

Dr. David Whiting Inc.

Christine Whittaker

Randall & Krista Wight

James Wilson

Lita Wilson

Brian Wingert

Dorothy Witzke

Jasmine Wood

Peter Woodward

Kevin Yamaoka

Z Décor Home Furnishings

Andrew Zelke

Lester Zorn