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With only one in five adults getting enough exercise, the bleak consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are catching up to Canadians. Determined to build a healthier community, the YMCA of Okanagan’s new Downtown YMCA provides convenient fitness options for time starved individuals, including lunch-break workouts. 
“Squeezing in three 50 minute workouts a week over lunch can become a habit with a substantial impact on one’s health, career and daily life,” reports Kelley Taylor, Centre Manager of the Downtown Y. “As a local charity devoted to developing a healthier community, we’re working hard get people moving and correct these alarming statistics.” 
Sitting is the new smoking, and ParticipACTION reports 63 per cent of Canadian office workers are worried about the amount of time spent sitting at work. Even scarier is the latest research from the Canadian Cancer Society, reporting that one in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Among preventative measures, they list physical activity as one of five ways to reduce your risk.
Aside from health benefits such as disease prevention, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and better mental health, being active is proven to enhance one’s performance in the workplace. Boosts in productivity, concentration, mood, confidence and energy levels after a quick workout make for a better employee. 
“There are far too many excuses to put off exercise and we want to remove as many as we can,” states Taylor. “A convenient location, financial assistance and free health coaching programs allow us to accommodate triathletes, cardiac rehab patients, those who cannot afford a typical gym membership, and everyone in between. We believe fitness needs to be accessible to all.”
Taylor also offers eight tips for developing and sticking to a lunch break workout routine:
1. Practice yoga, weight training or low intensity cardio to avoid sweating when needed
2. Power walk to and from the gym to save time warming up and cooling down
3. Keep a gym bag at work throughout the week to avoid excuses
4. Find a workout buddy in your office to hold you accountable
5. Schedule time for even short 20 minute workouts on busy days to boost your energy
6. Wear clothes that double as gym/work wear to save a few minutes by only changing once
7. Use interval training to make the most of your cardio in a short period of time
8. Pack a nutritious portable snack to eat on the go after your workout
“Something is always better than nothing when it comes to exercise,” urges Taylor. “Even if it is getting out of your seat and taking a 10-minute walk around the block.” 
The new Downtown YMCA has many options to accommodate short or long lunch break workouts including mid-day group fitness classes, showers, and state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment. Throughout the summer you can also take advantage of Kelowna YMCA facilities with a free two week trial.
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