UBC and YMCA partner to offer free health assessments in community

In-person group fitness classes are temporarily suspended due to recent provincial health regulations. Our centres remain open, and we continue to offer a variety of virtual options. Learn more

UBC and the YMCA are combining forces to offer adults in Kelowna the important and often first step of managing health and wellbeing. Community members are invited to join one of two free Health Assessment Days which will measure a variety of health indicators with the aim to provide a convenient and immediate feedback on how to improve their health. 

Corliss Bean, post-doctoral fellow at UBC Okanagan and one of the researchers working with the YMCA on this initiative, says that health assessments can lower health risks and improve long-term quality of life.

“Health is one of our most prized possessions, yet many of us let it fall to the wayside with the hustle and bustle of daily life,” says Bean. “These assessments can become a routine part of maintaining good health and are a good reminder for us to take time for ourselves and focus on what is most important.”

The complimentary health assessments will combine physiological testing with a variety of basic, easy-to-answer questions about diet, exercise, sleep, medical history and lifestyle factors. Tests include blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility and more. Each health assessment will provide a tailored report with strategies and tips to help participants improve their health and lower their health risks. 

“Knowledge is power when it comes to our health, and we know that health assessments enable people to make informed decisions about their overall well-being,” explains Corliss. 

Senior Health Assessment Day

  • Who: Open to adults in the community over the age of 50
  • When: Sunday, March 13, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Where: Kelowna Family YMCA (375 Hartman Road)
  • How: To reserve a spot, contact 250-491-9622 ext. 411

Adult Health Assessment Day

  • Who: Open to all adults in the community 
  • When: Sunday, March 22, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
  • Where: H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre (4075 Gordon Drive)
  • How: To reserve a spot, contact 250-491-9622 ext. 426

All adults worried about the effects of a sedentary or inactive lifestyle are encouraged to sign up for a health assessment.

The Adult and Senior Health Assessment Days are organized in partnership between the YMCA of Okanagan and The University of British Columbia who are working together to increase awareness of prediabetes and Small Steps for Big Changes, a community-run diabetes prevention program. The events are generously supported by UBC Community Engagement Office