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Photo taken by Bler Rusha. 

There is still one week until school starts and the sun is shining! Make these next days of summer count with these great outdoor games for kids.

1. Lawn Twister

Use a circular stencil and spray paint to build a twister board on the lawn

2. Glow in the Dark Bowling

Put a glow stick into bottles of water to make bowling pins.

3. Drip, Drip, Splash!

Like Duck, Duck, Goose but with water. Fill a cup or jug with water, go around the circle to pour a small amount on the ducks and then dump the cup on the goose.

4. Cup Races

Poke a hole through the bottom of a plastic cup, string the cup up between two trees and use water guns to propel the cup along the strings.

5. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Freeze plastic or rubber toys in a bin, let kids use a hammer or other tool to try to break the toys out.

6. Running Tic Tac Toe

Use hoola hoops or spray paint to make a board and use similar colored t-shirts or rags for markers. One team member runs out to place their marker then runs back to tag off their teammates.

7. Dice Bootcamp

Use regular dice and assign an exercise to the numbers or use fillable foam dice. Exercises to try: jumping jacks, burpees, run to a tree, lunge, crab walk, bear walk and anything else you can think of. 

8. Sponge relay

Fill one bucket with water and leave one empty. Kids race to transfer the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket using just the sponge!

With the long weekend coming up, take this opportunity to try some or all of these games with your family.