Facility upgrades and closures is currently in effect until last September. See Details

Each year, to deliver the highest level of safety and quality of service to our members, the YMCA of Okanagan's health and recreation facilities undergo a regular maintenance period. 

Take a look at the following maintenance dates at your YMCA facility.

Kelowna Family YMCA

Area Important Dates Notes
Strength equipment upgrades Mid- to late-August Strength equipment upgrades will take place upstairs in front of the Fitness Office at Kelowna Family YMCA.
Parking lot August 13–18 The City of Kelowna will be completing parking lot upgrades to the large parking lot in front of the Rutland Arena and Seniors Centre. Starting Wednesday, August 14, access to Kelowna Family Y will be from Hartman Road only (access via Leathhead and Bach roads will be closed).
Front Sidewalk August 20–September 3 Front sidewalk outside the Kelowna Family YMCA will be under construction.
Pool and Aquatic Facilities

August 25–September 3

Pool and aquatic facilities at the Kelowna Family YMCA will be closed (including hot tub and sauna).

Gymnasium August 27–September 3 Gymnasium will be closed.
Full Facilty August 30 The entire facility will be closed for the day.

Any part of the facility not mentioned above will remain open.

Kelowna Family Y members are welcome to access H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre at no cost during our shut-down period between August 25 – September 3. The Kelowna Downtown YMCA is also available for Kelowna Family Y members to use at any time.

H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre

The H₂O Adventure + Fitness Centre will undergo regular annual facility maintenance and upgrades, which will result in a few closures and disruptions to service.H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre members are welcome to access Kelowna Family Y at no cost during our shut-down period .

Area  Important Dates Notes
50 meter pool, water slides, adult hot tub and FlowRider® September 4–21 Wave pool, children's splash area and family hot tub will remain open during these dates.
Steam Room September 5–7 The steam room will be closed.
Aside from these dates, there will be a change in hours the steam room is operated during the shutdown, including:
Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–9:30 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.
Change Rooms September 4–21 Each change room will be closed for cleaning on a rotating schedule.
Family change room: September 4–9
Women's change room: September 10–15
Men's change room: September 16–21

Any part of the facility not mentioned will remain open.

H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre members are welcome to access Kelowna Family Y at no cost during our shut-down period between September 4–21.

Kelowna Downtown Y

There is no need for maintenance closures this year.

Thank you for understanding!

We appreciate your patience during this time and and hope you take advantage of this opportunity to check out one of our partnering YMCA centres for a little summer fun and variety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 250-491-9622.

Please note that annual pool shutdowns are taken into consideration in your membership fees. Also, dates are subject to change.