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The H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre is proudly operated by the YMCA of Okanagan. As a leading charity, the YMCA believes that no barrier should stand in the way of all of us getting stronger, together. This is why, thanks  to generous donors and community parnters, the YMCA of Okangan provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford the full cost of an H2O membership. If financial circumstances or a permanent disability are limiting your ability to participate, you may be eligible for an Assisted Membership.

How to Apply

  1. Tour the facility to learn about what programs and services are the right fit for you.
  2. Discuss with Member Services what documentation you will need to apply for Financial Assistance.
  3. Collect the required documentation and return to the Member Services desk.
  4. Sit down with a trained staff member for a discussion about your situation and how you can get started in your new community.

Any individual, family or child who is unable to pay the full membership or program fee due to their financial circumstance.

The amount of assistance depends on your total household income and the number of people in your family. We evaluate each person’s application and accompanying financial information on an individual basis to determine what the level of assistance will be.

The YMCA’s goal is that each individual or family will contribute as much as they can afford towards a membership or program. We believe the Y experience has more value if you pay a portion of the fee, no matter how small.

When you receive assisted membership you are expected to make your payments on time, keep your account in good standing, notify us if your financial situation changes, and to use your membership regularly.

For financially assisted memberships You will pay when you join, followed by automatically withdrawn payments by Visa, Mastercard, void cheque or a stamped PAD withdrawal agreement from your bank. Memberships are approved for a 1 year term.

For Ability Passes: Cash, Debit, Mastercard and Visa are all accepted forms of payment for your 30 day pass. There is no term commitment to this pay-as-you-go pass. Pass approval is granted once and remains in effect indefinitely. The pass holder may purchase a pass at any time. There are no visit requirements.

Your request could be denied if your financial information does not identify an inability to pay or if you have not met the minimum usage requirements. For ability pass applications supporting government or insurance documentation must clearly identify a permanent disability.