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The owner of Fresh Air and his team have long been supporters of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. And we couldn’t be more grateful for their sponsorship and participation in making Cycle for Strong Kids the Y’s largest and most successful fundraising event.

“It was in 2011 when I became involved with the YMCA Cycle for Strong Kids fundraising event,” said Jim. “What immediately impacted me was becoming aware that 1 in 5 local kids need financial assistance in order to participate in YMCA programs. The effects of living in poverty continues to be a significant community issue and I feel we all have a role to play in building healthy and resilient kids.”

Jim believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. With the increased media attention and resources being dedicated to mental health and wellness issues in the Okanagan, Jim strongly feels that if kids remain active and connected with their peers through play there will be a reduction in the health and social issues facing our young people.

For Jim, active living and healthy lifestyles are what his business is all about. “Fresh Air is very proud to be involved as a title sponsor of the Y’s Cycle for Strong Kids and to ride as a team in our commitment to ensure our young people have equal opportunity to achieve their goals.”