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Jill in the pool with two children

Jill's Story

National Volunteer Week was created to celebrate all volunteers, including Jill Siebert who has contributed over 10,000 hours helping thousands of Okanagan children develop invaluable water safety skills through Y swim lessons.
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Alexis and Randal at H2O

Alexis' Story

A parent’s worst nightmare turned into a happy celebration earlier this month when nine year old, Alexis Edall, rescued a toddler who fell into the pool.  Alexis’ mother is extremely proud of her daughter who was quick to act, demonstrating the life-saving skills she had recently learned in a YMCA spring break aquatic seal camp.
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Mariely holding her baby girl

Mariely's Y is Community

After immigrating to Kelowna from Venezuela, I found it very difficult to feel at home in a foreign country. I was struggling to learn the language and had numerous doors slammed in my face while trying to find work. I was very lucky to find the YMCA where I started to volunteer and had the opportunity to learn more, connect with a community, and improve myself.
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man at a pool with face mask

Eric’s Y is Perseverance

After two years of training to become an IRONMAN, I was crushed when the triathlon I registered for and had poured so much time into working towards was cancelled due to COVID. With the help of the YMCA of Okanagan, I was able to persevere through my training and create my own Lone Wolf IRONMAN. They provided the support and environment I needed to succeed.
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Karla and Vince with their two children

Karla & Vince’s Y is Resilience

After the birth of my second child, I was struggling to juggle two young kids when tragedy struck. I received a call that a crane had broke and fallen, dropping a 7,000-pound beam on my husband, Vince, while he was at work. It was so horrific, the first responders didn’t think anyone could have survived an accident of that magnitude.
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Serena on the elliptical

Serena’s Y is Healing

After decades of battling an extreme drug addiction that left me working on the streets, I got clean and moved to Kelowna in search of a new beginning. I was finally sober, but still had so much healing to do to avoid relapsing. 
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