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Family of 3

Kennedy’s Y is Determination

After leaving my hometown at the age of 17 in pursuit of a better life, I found myself pregnant, alone, and heading down a path that I knew would make me unhappy. I desperately wanted to pursue my education and build a better life for my child than I had growing up, but the odds were stacked against me. 
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woman sitting at a desk

Gina's Y is Progress

Graduating from university is always scary, but during a pandemic, it’s particularly frightening. During my final year, I kept hearing statistics about people being fired or laid off, and how unemployment was on the rise. I felt completely lost and didn't want to become another statistic with a large amount of debt.
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man in leather jacket flexing arms

Graham’s Y is Fit for Life

After 50 years of disciplined exercising, I was faced with the inevitable challenges of aging and had to change my routine in order to continue working out. I’ve ran marathons in my 20s, and in mid-life gone for morning jogs in the fields of Bali, in Bangkok and New Delhi traffic, and on mountain paths in Nepal. Then for the last decade I’ve been hooked on CrossFit.
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woman in grey blazer

Jenny's Y is Growth

Becoming a mother is never easy, but having kids in my teen years created a set of barriers that seemed impossible to overcome at the time. At the age of 20, I found myself a single mom of two with the weight of the world on my shoulders. The idea of pursuing my own personal and professional development, which I always valued, seemed unimaginable and I worried about our finances.
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Jill in the pool with two children

Jill's Story

National Volunteer Week was created to celebrate all volunteers, including Jill Siebert who has contributed over 10,000 hours helping thousands of Okanagan children develop invaluable water safety skills through Y swim lessons.
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Alexis and Randal at H2O

Alexis' Story

A parent’s worst nightmare turned into a happy celebration earlier this month when nine year old, Alexis Edall, rescued a toddler who fell into the pool.  Alexis’ mother is extremely proud of her daughter who was quick to act, demonstrating the life-saving skills she had recently learned in a YMCA spring break aquatic seal camp.
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