The YMCA of Okanagan plans to provide child care to essential service workers in Kelowna and Penticton. Learn more

Our charity is responding to COVID-19 including temporarily closing all YMCA recreation facilities during this time. Child care, virtual early years community services and career development services will continue to run. The most recent information can be found at

Help us raise $35,000 in support of our annual #YMoveToGive campaign.


Last year, 5,471 underprivileged individuals, including children, youth, adults and seniors, relied on YMCA Financial Assistance in order to participate in character- and strength-building programs. That means one in six members in our centers were given an opportunity to live healthier, happier lives, but the need is growing every month! This is why we are aiming to raise $35,000 this November and December through our annual #YMoveToGive fundraising campaign.

Every single donation to #YMoveToGive will support local kids, families and seniors who could not otherwise afford to participate.  

Help us continue to support more individuals and families in building their best selves. Read on to learn what your donation to #YMoveToGive can do.

Move to give...
  • Girl in YMCA Swim Lessons with instructor
    $10/month = swim lessons for one child

    Move to give vital water safety skills to every Okanagan child.

  • single mom running on treadmill at Kelowna Downtown Y
    $75/month = assisted membership for one family

    Move to give a struggling family, just making ends meet, the opportunity to focus on health and wellness. 

  • senior friends at the Kelowna Family Y
    $20/month = assisted membership for one youth or senior

    Move to give an older adult, at-risk of isolation, a place to belong, be active and connect with their community.

  • Mother and son in YMCA Child Care
    $150/month = out of school care for one child

    Move to give a low-income family access to affordable and nurturing child care so they have peace of mind while at work.

YMCA of Okanagan

The YMCA is a charity. Thanks to generous donors, we can provide subsidized memberships, child care and programs to those less fortunate. Everyone deserves the chance to be healthy in mind, body and spirit and every child deserves a safe place to belong, play and discover their full potential. At the Y, no one gets turned away because of financial barriers.

For almost 6,000 underserved kids, youth, adults, and seniors the YMCA of Okanagan is a second home. A membership to the Y means a place to be healthy and active, a place for nurturing childcare, a place to be supported and where everyone feels welcome.

For more information and to find out how you can get involved, please contact Wendy Wright,  Fund Development Officer, at 250-491-9622, ext. 306  /

Thank you to all of our wonderful staff, members and donors who support #YMoveToGive