Our charity is responding to COVID-19 including temporarily closing all YMCA recreation facilities during this time. Child care, virtual early years community services and career development services will continue to run. The most recent information can be found at ymcaokanagan.ca/COVID19

About our Child Minding Space

Our friendly staff look forward to sharing their wealth of experience with your child while providing excellent care.

We have a maximum stay of 1 ½ hours and parents are required to remain in the facility while their child attends our child minding service.

Our child minding service is for children 5 years and younger.

Parents are asked to scan and sign their children in and out of the space. Please ensure you always bring your child's membership card with them.

Babies are welcomed—either sleeping or awake! A padded area for pre-mobile infants is provided.

Free-play options include a variety of toys, puzzles and books which stimulate play and provide enjoyment for all. Older children can have fun with the craft table, puzzles, and age-appropriate toys. Seasonal and themed activities are included for your child's enjoyment.

Our space has many busy people working at play. Please be sure to enter and exit the room accordingly during pick-up and drop-off in order to maintain children's safety.

Health and Safety

Help us provide the highest possible quality care for your child by ensuring that staff are continually updated on information regarding allergies, health care, ore behavioural challenges. We will ask that you complete an emergency contact form upon your first visit that we will keep on file.

Since your child will be in close contact with other children and our goal is to keep all children healthy, we ask that children who are ill not attend. Please ask about our sick policy if you have any further questions.

What to Bring & What to Leave at Home

We encourage you to bring a nutritious snack and drink each time your child visits the child minding space. Due to risks associated with allergies, we are a nut-free environment.

Please keep us informed of any changes that occur in your child's dietary needs.

To eliminate any confusion, please label lunch boxes and other personal items that arrive with your child. We have numbered stickers available to help identify children's belongings.

We also encourage you to leave your child's favourite toys at home unless he/she is willing to share them with other children.

During wet days, please provide your child with dry footwear in order to keep the space clean.

Easing Your Child Into Play

If your child has a difficult time leaving you, we will do our best to comfort and ease your child into play. During your first few visits, if your child seems to be having separation anxiety we ask that you come back and check on your child after 10 minutes. A simple peek through the window and/or a wave at staff is a great way to check in and help your child transition.