YMCA: A Place to Connect is a school-age curriculum for children 5-12 years-old who attend YMCA Before and After School programs. It is well-known and accepted and is built on many of the principles that guide YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum. 

A Place to Connect is based on research from the fields of developmental psychology, human development, neuroscience, education, risk management, diversity and social inclusion, social services and child care.

Children flourish in quality programs that provide choice, opportunities for leadership, a focus on strengths and a place that is fun, active and different from school. Parents want a program that is a safe, reliable, caring and active. YMCA: A Place to Connect meets those requirements.

We believe YMCA: A Place to Connect is the best approach to ensure a child’s continued enthusiasm and capacity for lifelong learning. The curriculum weaves our mission, vision and values into programming, and strives to develop responsible, respectful, caring, honest, healthy and inclusive citizens.

At the YMCA, we build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.