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Ages 65+

At the Y, helping adults experience optimal health as they age is a top priority.

Are you over the age of 65, physically inactive and living with a chronic condition? Do you want to learn how to build physical activity into your lifestyle to support your health and over all well-being? Are you interested in meeting new people and being part of a safe and supportive community?

Without the right guidance, being physically active with a chronic condition can be challenging and you might not know where to start. Choose to Move is a six-month choice based physical activity program, based on the best research evidence, that helps break down barriers to physical inactivity. Working with a certified Activity Coach, participants design a personalized physical activity program based on their interests, goals and abilities. Participants are supported throughout the program with opportunities to connect with other Choose to Move participants through monthly motivational meetings and with their Activity Coach through regular progress check-ins. Participants benefit from:

  • A personalized physical activity action plan
  • Regular, one-on-one check-ins with a certified Activity Coach
  • Monthly group meetings with program participants
  • Resources and tools to keep participants on track

To participate in the program you must be:

  • 65 years or older
  • Physically inactive
  • At risk or have one or more chronic conditions (such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, COPD or arthritis)
  • Medically cleared to exercise by your physician
  • Not a current member of the YMCA
  • Not a previous participant in the Choose to Move program

To register for upcoming programs, please call Adriane Long at 250-491-9622 ext 224.

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Choose to Move is funded by the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility and developed by Active Aging.

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