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+ Will my child's swimming lesson be at the same day/time as it was before?

H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre Lessons
All parents are required to create a new enrollment for their children each session, so we cannot guarantee that your child's lesson will be on the same day or at the same time as in the past.

Kelowna Family Y
Lessons at this centre automatically roll over so parents do not need to register their children for each session. 

+ How do I register my child for swimming lessons?

Register online, you can register online, visit your centre of choice, contact us by email, or phone us at 250-491-9622.

Children can only be registered for one spot per week and cannot be on a waitlist if they are currently registered in a spot.

+ How can I ensure I register my child in the correct level?

If your child is a member and has participated in swim lessons with us, you can use the ID number on their membership card to view their online progress report:

Kelowna Family Y Report Cards | H2O Report Cards

Otherwise, you can come in to the facility for a swim assessment during public swim times.

Important note: Due to reduced class sizes, physical distancing requirements and "pod" consistency, we will not be able to move your child if they were registered in the wrong level. Therefore, please ensure you know which level your child is going into before registering.

+ Will I need to get in the water with my child?

All participants in Bobber, Floater and Otter are required to have one consistent household member per child who is "prepared to get wet" although they may not be needed in the water. It may be decided that your child requires extra help, and you may be ask to join in the water to give additional support to the child and instructor. These will be decided on a case by case basis by the instructor and parent at the beginning of the lesson.
Parent & tot classes still require parents to be in the water with their child. 
Children in other levels may also need extra assistance that the instructor cannon accommodate due to physical distancing and or/safety concerns. In that case, your instructor may ask you to come prepared to assist in the water.

+ Are the change rooms open?

Yes, however, we encourage all swimmers to arrive in their bathing suits and to shower at home after swimming lessons. Limiting the time spent in the changerooms will alleviate congestion and promote the ability for everyone to maintain physical distance.

+ Is there anything my child needs in swimming lessons that they did not need before?

We are asking all participants to bring their own lifejacket/PFD and a pool noodle. We will have a limited supply of equipment that can be loaned out to those who are unable to purchase a noodle or lifejacket.

+ Is there somewhere for my family to swim during/before/after swim lessons?

Kelowna Family Y 
There is no public swimming during swim lessons aside from lane swimming. Lesson participants must leave the building after the completion of their lesson.
H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre 
Public swimming is now available during lessons.  

View H2O Pool Schedule

+ Can I watch my child during their lesson?

There will be no spectating allowed at this time, unless a parent is required in the water. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your class and be on time for pickup at the end of the lesson.

+ What will happen if my child is sick?

If your child is sick, they should not come to their lesson. If your child displays signs or symptoms of illness during their lesson, they will be sent home immediately.

+ Are swim lessons affected from most recent announcements from health officials?

Swim lessons are not affected based on the most recent provincial-wide health order. With proper health and safety protocols in place, vital programs like swim lessons are encouraged to continue at this time.