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The YMCA offers a variety of training programs for fitness instructors, and lifeguards who seek accredited, reliable and complete certification. We also offer Babysitting and Home Alone training courses for youth looking to learn how to provide care to children.

Fitness Certifications

Inspire others to lead active, healthier lives by getting certified to become a fitness instructor. We give you the resources to lead group classes or support personal training goals.

Lifeguard Certifications

Certification as a lifeguard or swimming instructor can lead to employment opportunities and provide you with transferable skills that will benefit any career.

Babysitting and Home Alone

The babysitting course teaches youth to become effective and confident babysitters. Children learn to be safe at home through Home Alone and Prepared.

Financial Assistance

The YMCA Financial Assistance Program provides assistance for those who wish to register for membership, programs or camps, but are not able to afford the full registration fee. 

Mariely’s Y is Community

When Mariely first moved to Kelowna, she was having a tough time finding a job and community that supported her language learning goals. Once she found the YMCA, she started volunteering, had the opportunity to learn more and connect with a community.