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Your Mental Health is a priority

Mental wellness comes from feeling balanced, connected to others, and ready to meet life’s challenges, which goes hand-in-hand with physical health. When you have a healthy diet, sleep well, and keep active, your emotional health will improve.

Get a taste of our Mindfulness programs with this body scan exercise led by our Facilitator, Rulisha:

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Young Adult Mindfulness Group

Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety. The Young Adult Mindfulness group is a free 7-week support group for young adults ages 18–30 led by mental health practitioners.

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Teen Mindfulness Group

This 7-week program helps teens, aged 13-18, who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety learn and practice healthy coping strategies in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.

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All skills welcome. This class provides an opportunity to meditate in a group while building community. We explore different techniques to gain peace of mind while expanding our capacity to embrace life’s challenges. 

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Kiah's Story

Last year I embarked on an exciting adventure as I moved to the Yukon for work. Unfortunately, soon after I arrived, I found myself in an extremely negative environment and anxiety began to take over. I was struggling in a difficult situation while feeling isolated in a new town and I just couldn’t cope. 

Aaron's Story

When we first moved to Kelowna, my mom, dad and two sisters were sharing a one-bedroom hotel room and there was no space for me, so I lived out of a van on the street.