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Child Care Offices and Community Programs

This office building on Pandosy Street houses the administration for YMCA Child Care, and community services including mindfulness programs. Our exciting Employment Services and related programs also take place here. 

Mindfulness Programs

Youth Mindfulness Group

young man smiling

Many people experience stress, but some of us need extra tools to manage anxiety so it doesn't stand in the way of doing things you care about!

Teen Mindfulness Group

Teen boys smiling

Do you worry a lot about school? Do you worry about making friends or stress about what others think of you? Learn how to manage your worries, anxiety, and stress. 

Employment Services

Apply your current degree to a career.

Finished your studies and not sure where to go from here?

Your job could use an upgrade.

Stuck in an entry-level position, want a better work environment or just ready for something new?

Learn to land and ace an interview.

Ready to work but struggling to get hired?

Our Employment Services offer tailored support to help you achieve your career goals, no matter where you are currently at.

Learn about Employment Services